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Contrary to popular belief-I am a computer expert! June 12, 2010

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So I just had the surreal experience of being considered “tech savvy” in my technology and education class at Luther Seminary about 20 minutes ago. My husband is on the floor laughing as he reads this as I often need help with my e-mail. But as I already had a blog set up, a RSS feed going on Google dashboard and knew of some blogging sites, I was dubbed “savvy.” In reality, I am able to point and click and follow the directions put up by “real” tech people on the site. These are people who look at the set up of a site and think, “If an idiot comes here can they figure it out?” The answer is apparently “yes”! But I am just going to enjoy the moment…..


2 Responses to “Contrary to popular belief-I am a computer expert!”

  1. Meg Says:

    You are always “savvy” in my eyes! 🙂 I am expecting great reads here…

  2. Mary Hess Says:

    It’s all relative – -and I hope the experience gave you some confidence, as I suspect more of your classmates will continue to ask questions! Thanks for all of your leadership yesterday.

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