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What shall I learn about God in the computer? June 15, 2010

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Not that God is in the computer, although I believe that God can be experienced in a myriad of ways. Specifically, I am thinking about how can blogging, social networking, information sites (like Google, youtube, etc.) give me insight to what God is doing in the world? We know that many (ok almost all) of our 40 and under crowd in our congregations engage media several times a day and our youth don’t know life without it! But I want to explore how I can engage media in a way that can communicate the love and grace of God to those that I have the honor to serve either in a parish or here on-line in my blog! How has media changed ministry for me?  How will I keep up and use it in a meaningful way? How can my definition of community expand and blossom through media? These are all topics I want to explore with you all over the next few weeks. One of my main concerns was time: How will I fit one more thing into ministry? I found this seven minute video by Clay Shirky about time usage  and  social networking on youtube I hope that you enjoy it!


8 Responses to “What shall I learn about God in the computer?”

  1. bweier001 Says:

    Ok, first thing that I learned….be sure to try and insert a video only when your husband is around to help you so that it doesn’t take 30 minutes!

  2. Rusty Says:

    Dead link? I couldn’t connect with Clay. 😦

  3. Mary Hess Says:

    Great questions — but don’t forget to ask what God might be trying to communicate to you, through media. So that it’s not only what you might try to do, but what God is doing!

  4. Nate Says:

    I also enjoyed your comments but thought not how can we bring God online, but what is God doing online already and how can we partake in ministry using the social media tools available to us all? As Shirky states, its not the tools that create a revolution, but when society uses the tools to alter/change/create new behaviors.
    I think a good reflection of this is using facebook as a ministry tool. For example, using ones ‘status’ to give glory to God (Thanks be to God for a wonderful day!!). Or posting pictures for everyone to look at that involve religious and Christian symbols.
    The online culture is primed for the hearing of the Good News; the question becomes how will we utilize these technological tools to bring out and let Jesus shine!!


  5. Rick White Says:

    Great questions! You asked how your definition of community might expand via social media. Many people have a image of God that’s too small… because it allows them (me) to think I can control what God does. The same is true, I think, for community. Do you think this guy thought about what “community” he might reach when he made this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_JCXnbX6Rc&NR=1
    Seems to me his target market is every country on the planet with internet access and particularly the United States. Notice his attire!

  6. Lisa Says:

    I’ve loved reading your reflections on this blog post throughout all of your posts for class. It reminds me of what I’ve learned from the mission classes and RTA that we’ve taken at Luther. It isn’t necessarily about how we take God to people, but engaging in the world and finding where God already is. Social media isn’t any different! Thanks for all the honest insights you’ve shared.

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