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Re-reflections on my learning goals July 2, 2010

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As we come to the last week or so of this class, I wanted to stop and re-reflect (I’m making up words now!) on what I wanted to learn and what I am learning. I wanted to learn how this medium can convey God’s love and grace. Mary Hess correctly centered me on what God is trying to convey to me in cyberspace and I have thought about this some. I think, perhaps, one thing that God may be communicating to me is all of the possibilities and that I have so much to learn and be exposed to! I was daunted about this medium because I am not an expert by any means and often feel in over my head. HMMM….Perhaps God doesn’t want me to lose this wonderment about ministry in general! I usually feel that I have a good grasp on education and faith formation as I have done it for a long time. But am I getting stagnate? Should I feel more “in over my head” in all areas of ministry so that I remember that it is God who works through me and I have nothing to do with it anyway? I think so! This class has sparked so much for me in all areas of ministry as well as forcing me to revisit what I thought I knew about teaching and have learned in the past. Essentially, I am always integrating and synthesizing!

Learning goals that I had from my education class at Iliff were specifically around older youth and adult faith formation. This class has given me confidence that I can integrate technology into lesson plans and it does not have to be complex and it can be a hybrid of tech and some “traditional” classroom techniques. The first time I ever “really” used technology was last year with a senior high youth Sunday school lesson around a song on YouTube by Casting Crowns called “Slow Fade.” I didn’t have a great idea of how to really engage this and the youth could tell! I was so nervous just trying to get the video to play that the rest of the lesson was, frankly, not so much. I think that now I would have a bit more confidence and could engage this completely differently and use it in a more authentic way. I was just happy before to be on YouTube! I have already come a long way and I can’t wait to see how else God grows me in this medium as well as others!


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