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Will the real journalist please stand up? July 6, 2010

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In the course of reading the materials for this class and integrating the concepts into the context in which I function, I have begun to notice certain elements that I was not conscious of before. For example, I was watching the news on television and noticed that about half of the stories involved video taken from someone’s cell phone! No longer did the 9 news journalists need to get in their van and drive to some remote part of CO for a story. They could see what viewers sent in and then write the copy around that. What a major shift in journalism! My college roommate was a journalist major and I can remember her having to figure out how to get places (neither one of us had a car) and then get her story and pictures turned in on a tight deadline (we had limited access to computers as well, we both had a Brother Word Processor!). Now, the news stations can focus where they want to send people and rely on the public to send in news. Does this make the news more or less balanced? Media has long been accused of being liberal, does this swing the pendulum? At the end, the stations still have complete control as to what gets reported so user generated news perhaps isn’t as big an impact as I am imagining. But it does beg the question: Are we all news gathers and “disseminaters” just as theologically we are the priesthood of all believers called to disseminate the gospel? Interesting points to ponder!


2 Responses to “Will the real journalist please stand up?”

  1. Mary Hess Says:

    While it’s true that there are many people who have accused the media of being “liberal,” most of the actual empirical studies that have been done (and there’s lots of content analysis, for instance) suggest that it’s neither “liberal” nor “conservative” but rather biased towards corporate and large enterprise voices. So the advent of cell phone video might help to tip that in a different direction, at least a little…

    • Amanda Says:

      I think it is great that you connect that we are all newsmakers and news reporters to all being believers! Isn’t it amazing that through technology, we can have such a powerful impact on the world! Even 9-11, a lot of the video that was filmed by people “on the streets” became the filmed history that we see today. In only 9 years, there is so much more access to video technology and the ability to quickly share (even a bigger change!) that we are all sources of the “news.” Hopefully, now that the average person has the ability to share the news, we may get more news for the average person.

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