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Reflection on this journey of learning (section 5 of portfolio) July 7, 2010

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So as the official, academic blogs come to an end (I only need a couple more) I am struck by how far I have come in a short amount of time. As I write the portfolio and final project, I can see how I have built on the educational knowledge that I already possessed and have integrated it to use it in another facet or avenue. I have been on the internet and thought about technology more in the last month more than I have in my previous 37 years! Not only that, but my confidence to use technology has exponentially increased. I can add links, find videos that I can use, integrate tech culture into sermons and somewhat successfully wade through what is useful on the internet and what is not. But most importantly for me, I have discovered that I can quickly access a myriad of voices on topics through other bloggers and learn so much from peers, acquaintances and complete strangers! I have been shown the wealth of great information that exists out there. It is all available for my participation, growth and for me to share.

One of my first blogs was “What can I learn about God in the computer?” My answer is that God is already present in cyber space (and all places obviously!) and is calling me to mission with God in all places of my life. I have accepted the invitation to join in this mission in cyber space in addition to the other places in the world. For me, as I reflect theologically on technology, I am humbled to know that I always need to be looking for God where I least expect it. While I did use the internet before this class, I did not reflect theologically on it much. It was a tool, a means to an end, or strictly one way communication. I now have a deeper understanding of community, interconnectivity and God’s presence.

An example of this is YouTube.com for me. Previous to this class I thought it was just funny videos that my kids watched. But I have seen how this medium communicates important humanitarian messages. I was on YouTube this morning for my final project and their was a “funny” video of soldiers occupying Hebron dancing. This two minute video had pop-ups on the travesty being done there and a direct link to a short documentary of the reality of the lives of the residents who are literally welded inside their houses. This led me to look up more information on the Palestinian occupation. I now feel like I have a connection to those people. And it all started with a “funny” video. We are being called to our brothers and sisters all over the world and the technology now exists for us to answer that call. Amen!


3 Responses to “Reflection on this journey of learning (section 5 of portfolio)”

  1. Sarah Raymond Says:

    I was very interested in what you were commenting, but I couldn’t get the link to the video to work. Can you embed it instead?

  2. Brigette,
    I enjoyed reading your reflection. I am impressed by the skills you listed and that you have aquired in a short amount of time. I am sure they will serve you well in your ministry. I think the biggest problem with social media is one you mention, and that is wading through what is useful and what is not on the internet. I guess it is not much different from library research with books, but it does seem to take more time to find useful information. Maybe that is a function of the greater amount of information on the web as opposed to specific books in specific libraries, or the differences between search engines and card catalogs.

    I especially liked your comments about God being in cyber-space because of course, God is everywhere, and about looking for God where you least expect it. That ties in to the lectionary yesterday, which was the parable of the Good Samaritan, and how God is sometimes hidden, and sometimes revealed in people and places where you least expect God to be. How interesting that social media can connect community, and reveal God’s presence to us all with this technology.

    Your point about funny videos leading to serious documentaries is also well taken. Perhaps only the internet can bring these disparate kinds of media together so that these connections can be made much more easily than ever before.



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