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Transition to where I may take this blog July 11, 2010

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So as my “required” blogs come to an end I am stymied by what I may do with this blog in the future. You see, I want its contents to be pertinent, entertaining and useful. Now many will argue that I haven’t been any of things yet so why start now, but I have greatly enjoyed this foray into “blogdom” as well as the new learning and thoughts that I have gained. YouTube has burgeoned from “entertainment” to serious content for me (I know that discernment there is needed) and I have a whole new take on what I may do with technology in faith formation-my passion.
I also am aware of the literary possibilities of a blog; a chance to hone and polish my writing skills. I greatly admire the blogs of Nadia Bolz-Weber and Norma Cook Everist. Nadia I love, partially because I know her and she frightens me a bit (she is MUCH taller than I am! I feel like a munchkin around her!), but mostly for her ability to get to the heart of the matter and call it out in such a way that people listen. She is learned and knowledgeable and has the rare ability to combine that with praxis. When I read her sermons on her blog, I often learn as much as when I take a whole class! (Please accept my humblest apologies to any professors that may be reading this!)
Norma Everist Cook is someone that I just met in April but again, she was a woman who is highly intelligent and can put those thoughts into action. She speaks as a theologian and someone who understands the “so what” component to theology. Her passions mirrors mine and I think that was part of my instant by-in to her workshop. (That, and she was the professor at Wartburg for my new internship supervisor and my best friend!) I intend on doing an invisible independent study with her this summer by reading three of her books. It is invisible in that she doesn’t know that I am studying her stuff! But I do intend on replying to her blog and bugging her with questions!
As I think about these two extraordinary women with different gifts and focuses but both from whom I learn so much from, I am prayerful and hopeful that perhaps I can be a resource for someone out in the world who’s only access to me initially may be this blog.
A concept for me from this class that I hope will continue to awe and humble me is that of connectivity. I truly hope that the scope of that nature is one that I never take for granted and keep in the forefront of all the ministry that I undertake, wherever that maybe!
So, I do intend on keeping this blog going. Blessings until we “talk again” in cyberspace!


2 Responses to “Transition to where I may take this blog”

  1. PaulaE Says:

    Several things, actually. First, just the look of your blog is very appealing and I think your comment about you-tube being more than an entertainment site is interesting. I will also like to follow your links to the two women whom you mentioned in the blog. Thank you for sharing and good luck with keeping this going.

  2. Mary Hess Says:

    I very much hope you’ll keep blogging! And try not to compare yourself to other folk so much, but rather trust that God has given you your own unique gifts and your responses to the world around you are worth reading.

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