A Lutheran Says What?

Sermons and random thoughts on God, the world and the intersection of the two

Collision course November 5, 2013

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Well, not all my blog posts this month will be deep, introspective and soul shattering. Such as this one tonight probably. So what does a Lutheran say about a day like today where the profane and the sacred collide in the same space? Well, probably just that God is in both-or all-and that is the reality of the tension that we live in everyday on some level or another. Today I went for a run, ate lunch at a sandwich shop, went to the Gap with my sister and gathered with my family at the funeral home for my grandma’s viewing and then to PF Changs. In that order.
The profane (which is not so much about vulgarity as it is the ordinary) is what we do without much reflection, what we might do just for our basic human needs of food, clothing and shelter. It’s what’s necessary on some level and even expected in the most strife ridden times. It’s kind of what keeps us sane when everything else around us makes no sense what-so-ever or is too overwhelming to take in. It’s safe, known and certain.
But the sacred, the holy set apart places in our lives that we don’t visit often enough-those are places and times that stretch what we know to be concrete and certain. The sacred makes us question, wonder, be in awe and often brings us fear. The sacred causes us to stop, reevaluate our existence and even move us in a different and unknown direction.
When the sacred and the profane collide in our lives, as is more common than we realize, it causes us stress, fear, guilt and over all uncertainty. But here is where the grace and mercy of God lives as well. It’s where we live into God present in our suffering. God present in our broken humanity. God present in our grief and tears. I honestly don’t have any better explanation than this but it is one that I have personally experienced not just today but over and over in my life. God, the divine, the sacred, the holy that takes our breath away, promises to meet us in the profane and the sacred. We can’t intellectually comprehend this or even articulate it to someone else but often all we can do is live in it and offer it to someone else when they too are caught in this whiplash of life. This is what a Lutheran deeply rooted in the reality of the theology of the cross would say, or at least me.


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