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All I should have said November 6, 2013

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My problem with taking on a challenge such as writing a blog post every day in November is that I have HUGE guilt issues so that the thought of skipping a day-even for a good reason-seems like cheating to me and out of the question. But that doesn’t mean it has to be very long. 🙂
Today we said good-bye and buried my grandma. I helped lead the worship service and you don’t realize how inadequate words are sometimes until you try to express the life and love of 87 years in about 5 minutes. We try to squeeze in stories about the person now dead, to capture their essence but in the end its at best a pale shadow or at worst a caricature of them. I did my best today but in the end here is probably all I should have said:
Grandma, I love you.

I don’t think there are more powerful words in humanity than those words. They encompass relationship and because they are said in the present tense-on going relationship. Those words are about who we want to be and who we want to share our lives with. Those words can cut through all sorts of crap and get right to the core of our relationships. Now, I am not naive and I know that those words have so much power that they can also do grave damage and harm. To use “I love you” in that way is repulsive to me and my earnest prayer is that never happen to anyone ever but I do know that is not the case and so I continue to pray.
But these words, when spoken out of genuine love and care are some of the most comforting and beautiful words on the planet and I have been blessed to hear them many times by many people, including my grandma.
So all I want to say tonight is this: Grandma, I love you.


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