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United States of Grace-Don’t miss this sacred love story May 4, 2021

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Rev. Lenny Duncan begins his memoir with these words: “Whenever I tell my story-how I grew up in West Philadelphia, left home at the age of thirteen, lived onthe streets doing sex work and dealing drugs, got my GED in prison, and somehow wound up a preacher-I describe my life as a trajectory of grace.” This opening sentence pulls you into Duncan’s story, what will unfold in the coming pages, a love story. Not just any love story, but a love story that reveals the truth, the sometimes ugly truth, of love. Love that bleeds, love that screams, love that caresses, love that holds on when it should let go, love that runs, but most of all love that endures despite all odds that say it shouldn’t. Duncan offers us his very soul, his inner loving and lover being, freely, courageously, perhaps naively, and fully. You’ll blush at his tender, initmate sensual words of to you, and sink into the despair of love unrequited, and worse, love abused, only to be pulled out by grace. Yes, Duncan’s grace for America, white America, and us all and the grace that flows through the world from the Divine, God, the One, the Source of LOVE. I couldn’t look away, I didn’t want to look away, and I am grateful that now, thanks to Rev. Lenny Duncan’s latest gift to us, I look at America, myself and us all with Duncan’s lens of this unshakable, unquenchable, tenacious grace.