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Reading, writing but thankfully, no arithmetic November 13, 2013

Well, I am 13 days into this little national blog post month experiment and so far I have only had one real “crisis” of not having anything to really write about. Oh and that annoying day I hit the wrong button and lost over an hour’s worth of work. I began this for the discipline of writing everyday-you only get better by doing it-but I discovered that writing everyday has led to me reading more everyday as well. I have always loved to read since I could do so on my own and reading in and of itself is something that I generally enjoy. But I will admit that when I finished seminary last year, I took a bit of a hiatus. It was very freeing to not have to see how many pages of reading I could cram into a day. But I discovered that days would slip into weeks and I wasn’t reading as much as I wanted.
Time is a real constraint with two teenage children, a husband and a job. And honestly, there are just times when I am just plain old tired. If I would start a book in the evenings, I would inevitably fall asleep. But I know how important reading is to keep up on trends in faith formation ministry, culture, and the world in general. Since starting this write a blog post a day, I have noticed that I am much more likely to read other people’s blogs-I now know how much work goes into those “short,” concise and often insightful offerings. Rachel Held Evans, Theresa E Cho, Nature of a Servant and hikerrev are just a couple of the blogs that I read consistently and they always offer me food for thought. I do admit that I could branch out as you will notice, those blogs are all of the same genre.
Rachel Held Evans probably needs no introduction for you but she is a gifted writer on spirituality, relationship with God and one another, as well as published “A Year of Biblical Womanhood.” Theresa E Cho is a pastor in the Presbyterian Church who, in my opinion, has some of the most beautiful and creative worship ideas that I have ever encountered. Nature of a Servant began as an experiment in serving in a new organization or agency each month for a whole year. I invite you to read her archived posts. Andee offers us insight on baptismal call, service, gratitude, family, community and being the people of God who are imperfect but deeply loved, forgiven and renewed to try again. Disclaimer: Andee and I worked at the same church for awhile and she is my friend. Matthew Bolz-Weber is the real person behind “hikerrev” and he writes wonderful and thoughtful poetry in addition to insightful posts on the church, God, and the world in general. He is also a colleague and friend.
So I ask all of you out in internet land: whose blog do you read that I should?