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Connecting November 8, 2013

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When I joined Facebook in 2008 many of my friends nearly dropped dead. My best friend commented that I was “the last person” she would have guessed to see on Facebook. You see, I am not always the most technologically gifted individual on the planet. Also, I am not always quick to adapt to new technology. I didn’t get a cell phone until 2002 and had a flip phone probably waaaaay longer than what was acceptable. BUT being part of an on-line format for seminary and had the requirement of starting a blog for a class (this one), I quickly caught up and found that I can figure more out than I thought.
Now as an extrovert, I LOVE Facebook. I have reconnected with high school friends, cousins, and college friends. I can talk to friends and family almost anytime and anywhere. What I also love about it (as well as Twitter and my other blog www.faithformationjourneys.org) is that I am “friends” and connect with people not just all over the country but all over the world. How amazing is it that just tonight I shared ministry ideas around the Bible with people from around the country all while sitting on my couch and watching the Big Bang Theory?
I do think that it has changed the face of pastoral ministry and I think mostly for the better. Yes, you can argue that now parishioners can “get to me” in multiple formats and 24 hours a day but just as pastors have boundaries around the phone or face to face visits, you can have healthy boundaries around social media as well. What amazes me is the number of “casual” Facebook or even text conversations that end up delving into some important theological questions and deeper relationship. I often think that there is a level of safety in being able to ask these kind of questions of your pastor via your computer, tablet or phone. Many of these people would not for various reasons “stop by the church to chat” or request a “pastoral visit.” But they will shoot me a text saying “hey, I have been wondering something….” This is a new reality in the community of God’s people. It’s a reminder that God uses all that we do, every piece of culture and technology to reveal love, grace and community in the world. It’s also a reminder for me to continue to keep learning new technologies and ways of communication because I never know how God will be revealed to me in a new way.