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Plastic, Plastic Everywhere! February 13, 2016

I promised to blog and give up dates as to how this journey is going so far. You will find brutal honesty the only way I roll. This. Is. Hard. I went to the grocery store tonight and ran out of the mesh produce bags that I had diligently bought. Even doubling up on produce in the bags! I scrambled looking for more to purchase at the store, but they did not have any….except…I realized they are essentially mesh laundry bags! So, I bought a pack of three and continued on. As I shopped, I was overcome with all of the packaging. A plastic bag for an item and an item for a plastic bag. When I checked out, the bagging person, on auto-pilot asked, “Meat in a plastic bag?” placing the one meat item I purchased into a plastic bag as she asked it. “NO!” I proclaimed to her amazement. “I’m not using plastic bags for Lent.” She was literally stunned and stuttered…”I don’t know what to do then…” “Just put it in this grocery bag (reusable) and it will be fine. It’s already wrapped in plastic.” She stared at me for a minute and then placed the salmon in the bag. Let’s just say that this might have been the strangest interaction she had had all day.

I arrived home and started unloading the car. Mike came out to help me and as we put away the food, it occurred to me that I really hadn’t spoken to him about my Lenten discipline. (In my defense, I’ve been out of town, it was Ash Wednesday and he had a CO Wind Ensemble rehearsal last night. One of those weeks.) I began to tell him about my experiment and how the one place I’m struggling is with the garbage bags. “Well, I guess we could use paper bags…” I began and Mike without even turning to look at me said, “No. We’re not adding smell and mess into our Lent.” So, I guess I’m off the hook there. I might look for some biodegradable plastic garbage bags though. Just don’t tell Mike.

(I have not done much reading on social justice yet, I hope to get to some tonight or tomorrow.)